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Sensational Play child aerial yogi finding a moment of zen in an aerial yoga hammock.

Strengthening young minds and bodies with a unique blend of aerial yoga, sensory play and mindfulness for kids, using evidence-based strategies.

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The Science Behind Sensational Play

We offer families opportunities to move, be mindful, and learn through sensory-based play not only because it's fun, but because research has shown the immense benefits of each of these tools. Our integrated approach allows kids to soar in aerial yoga hammocks with a playful variation of mat yoga, where we guide them to move and breathe with intention, igniting imaginations and sparking joy. Bite-sized, hands-on mindfulness lessons and evidence-based strategies are offered each class to give kids the tools needed to thrive in our studio and in life.

Child moving playfully in an aerial yoga hammock.


  • Builds brain cells to support learning

  • Promotes motor skill development

  • Coordinates brain hemispheres

  • Supports healthy risk-taking

  • Improves health and fitness

  • Releases tension and stress

“Human bodies are designed to move often in various ways, and the brain learns especially well through play."

- Lindsey Lieneck, Yogapeutics

Mindful child haning in goddess pose at Sensational Play.


  • Improves concentration and attention

  • Cultivates compassion and empathy

  • Reduces anxiety and depression

  • Supports cognitive flexibility

  • Boosts working memory

  • Reduces impulsivity

“As parents become more aware and emotionally healthy, their children reap the rewards and move toward health as well.” - Dr. Daniel Siegel, Mindsight Institute

Young yogi's exploring boundaries at Sensational Play.


  • Supports thoughtful communication

  • Nurtures emotional self-regulation

  • Enhances creativity and curiosity

  • Encourages imaginative play

  • Teaches positive social skills

  • Fosters healthy friendships

"The basic role of play is equipping children for what life might throw at them." - Tim Gill, Rethinking Childhood

Child in playful puppy pose at Sensational Play.

We offer group classes, school break camps, parties, family sessions, exploratory sessions, private play dates and more in Portland, Oregon.

Aerial tree pose in a Yogapeutics hammock at Sensational Play.

Browse our curriculum, review upcoming events, inquire about support for mindfulness in schools, or watch videos to learn some beginner aerial yoga poses.

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