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Our Story

Sensational Play founder, Heather Williams, remembers a thing or two about being a wiggly kid that was easily overwhelmed by sensory inputs. In fact, she's still a wiggly human who is challenged by sensory overload in today's fast-paced, technology-driven, multi-tasking world.


When she became the mama of the two wiggliest humans she's ever known, the average pace of her life easily doubled and her survival seemed dependent on her ability to multi-task at an unreasonable rate. To maintain a healthy quality of life, she knew she had her work cut out for her.


Living in Portland, Oregon where it rains more than it doesn't, she was consistently disappointed by the indoor active play experiences available to her children. Most resulted in sensory overload, challenging social interactions . . . and tears.

So she started dreaming with her kids about what a more ideal indoor active play adventure would be like for her family. She engaged with other families, pediatricians, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, play therapists, mental health professionals, teachers, fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists, behavioral experts, yoga teachers, and mindfulness leaders from all over the United States over the course of several years.

Sensational Play founder Heather Williams walking with her kids.
Sensational Play founder Heather Williams snuggling with her kids.

Through her research, she discovered the innovative work of Yogapeutics founder Lindsey Lieneck, MS, OTR, RYT, who pioneered aerial yoga and mindfulness for kids. After becoming certified as a Level 2 Yogapeutics instructor, Heather explored Yoga Calm, MindUp and a variety of other curriculums. She's leveraged these tools and added her own knowledge and experiences to develop the Sensational Play series of curriculum.


Her goal is simple. To help foster kindness in small humans - kindness to themselves, to one another and to the world. While wiggling. And giggling is good too.

In support of this mission, Heather has authored Sensational Play's aerial yoga and mindfulness series, which includes:

- Bounce Back Toolbox - recovery strategies for life
- The Brain that Drives My Train - exploring how the mind and body work

- Believe to Achieve - even when something feels really hard

- Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude - everyday strategies

- Stretch for Your Best - bringing awareness to physical and emotional flexibility and posture

- Unselfie Myself - a mindful approach to technology use for today's families

Heather has also developed a teacher training program to help those wanting to support Sensational Play classes.

When she's not playing in the studio, you can find Heather at local green spaces with her very energetic puppy and kids. She also uses her Computer Science degree by working with technology focused companies who help make the world a better place to live, work and raise families.

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