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Learning the Sensational Play Way

Mindfulness with Aerial Yoga for Kids

Kids can't help but be mindful while performing aerial yoga. Gravity and physics provide constant reminders that reinforce the need to be mindful in aerial yoga and intrinsically motivate young yogi's to move with intention.


Weekly mindfulness themes, or "big ideas" as our yogi's call them, are integrated into every class. Playful mindfulness lessons provide hands on experiences to help kids develop a mindfulness practice to support their success in our studio and in life. 

These are some of our favorite mindfulness resources for families.

Are we missing one of your favorite resources? Please let us know!


Sensational Play's Aerial Yoga & Mindfulness Class Curriculum

We offer rotating sets of curriculum in group class formats that leverage movement, mindfulness, sensory play, aerial yoga, science and social/emotional learning. Kids honestly don't seem to care what series they're enrolled in. They just know they get to wiggle and giggle and that it's a whole lot of fun!


Move to Play-Write

Fosters strength, creativity, fine and gross motor skills and motor planning.

Last Offered: Spring 2019


Unselfie Myself

Nurtures a mindful approach to technology use for today's families.

Offered: Fall 2019


Bounce Back Toolbox

Supports resiliency with strategies to recover when life doesn't go as planned.

Last Offered: Spring 2019


Know Our Food

Encourages mindful tasting, balanced nutritional choices, awareness of food sources and inclusiveness.

Next Offered: Winter 2020


Believe to Achieve

Offers tools for accomplishing goals, even if they seem really hard at first.

Last Offered: Summer 2019


Stretch for Your Best

Helping kids build confidence, flexibility and healthy posture.

Last Offered: Winter 2019


Mindful Measurements

Explores why math matters and offers fun ways to use it before school starts.​

Last Offered: Summer 2019


The Brain that Drives My Train

​Teaches kids about how their brains work and the mind body connection.​

Last Offered: Fall 2018


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