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Connect kids to nature this spring break. Join the #trashtag challenge!

Updated: May 7, 2019

The sun is finally shining here in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Families are frolicking at bustling parks, and our urban hiking trails are brimming with young explorers. And of course the Oregon Coast and Columbia River Gorge are just waiting to be explored as they spring up new life to spark kids' curiosity.

It's no secret that Portlanders love the great outdoors. We're also known for our eco-mindedness. With that in mind, we created this blog post to turn you on to opportunities to get your kids involved with the #trashtag challenge, an inspiring movement encouraging each of us to take action to help clean up our community.

The #trashtag challenge may make your kid(s) more aware and conscientious of the environment, and what they do with their stuff. You may even find they are more likely to clean up after themselves after this mindful activity that helps us all stop to notice and clean up what we'd otherwise simply walk past everyday. Wouldn't that be nice?

Take Care of Oregon with Solve this weekend!

Solve Oregon is organizing cleanups across our green state this weekend. Solve has been taking care of Oregon for over 50 years with some 30,000 volunteers! That is over half a century and tens of thousands of hands! Solve is community minded and in it for the long haul. We all benefit from their great work.

Lend a hand at Solve's March 23rd Beach Clean Up this Saturday! Solve is organizing cleanups all across our beautiful city. You will most likely find them at your local park. You can find a local clean up on their excellent website. Note the age restrictions so you're sure to join a cleanup that is well suited to your family.

DIY Scavenger Hunt Clean Up!

Show your kids how to care for your favorite hiking trails or beach by taking a trash bag on your next outdoor adventure. Don't forget to bring gloves and hand sanitizer! Your kids may prefer to pick up the trash with skewers. This can be fun but for many kids, calls for some important safety reminders.

Here are our favorite trails for kids!

Mount Tabor Green Trail

Kelley Point Park

Hoyt Arboretum Loop

Tryon Creek Inner Loop

Smith and Bybee Lakes

Wapato Greenway

Thank you!

When we give back to our community, it's truly a sensational play for us all - everyone wins. A sense of engagement and well being abounds when we all pitch in together for the greater good. And Mother Earth thanks you!

Let us know what you're up to this spring break in the comments below! If you joined the #trashtag challenge, let us know what things you encountered during your clean up.

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